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Divertimento #7: Pura Vida

Another painting inspired by Costa Rica; this time the beauty of the inland lush vegetation.

7_Divertimento_FRAMED_R   costa rica (146)

This painting is entitled Pura Vida , which has a simple English translation but a far more profound meaning to the people of Costa Rica and anyone spending any amount of time in this majestic country. Pura vida. Pronounced POO-rah VEE-dah, in English means, “Pure Life”.

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Divertimento #6: Jungle

Natural beauty of Costa Rica was inspiration of this nice painting. I made several Divertimentos inspired by this heavenly country; this particular piece was inspired by our boat trip through the jungle. It is full of green and turquoise hues. 

6_Divertimento_FRAMED_R     costa rica (60)

This small country in the heart of Central America is awesome place for nature lovers. It has many breathtaking natural wonders, including pristine beaches, active volcanoes, bountiful wildlife in their natural habitat, adrenaline rush canopy rides, and of course a great coffee.

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Divertimento #5: Oasis

My trip to North Africa Morocco was the inspiration for this painting

5_Divertimento_FRAMED_R     Sahara_Dunes

We had a great time in a small town on the edge of the Sahara Desert – Merzouga. It was our departure place to the desert – bare place with a touch of green at Oasis. This is one of my photographs from this magnificent natural beauty.

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Divertimento #4: Malta

This painting was inspired by my trip of course to Malta.

4_Divertimento_FRAMED_R    malta (18)

Beautiful Cerulean Blue of the Mediterranean Sea, skies and boats; just overwhelming with this hue. This is the picture I took at Valenta and as you can see the blue is truly blue!

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