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Divertimento #11: Double

I always love trips to France. Every time we travel there we discover new treasures. Typical colors of French countryside were inspiration for this painting.

11_Divertimento_FRAMED_R    provence1

You can see the traditional blue-and- yellow colors everywhere in Provençal; on the fabric, on the dishes, on the cosmetics, on the houses, on the clothing even on the pastries. The colors are everywhere – golden sunflower hue and cerulean blue hues. Wonderful combination!

Photo is a courtesy of Maison en Provence.

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Divertimento #10: Bike

This is one of the funny Divertimentos inspired by my resent trip to one of the most charming cities in the world – Jerusalem.

10_Divertimento_FRAMED_R     jerusalem2 (403)

There are 30 fixed bikes attached to various instruments and mechanisms on the Safra square in front of the Jerusalem City Hall.  The bikes are part of the interactive art installation “Full Gas in Neutral” designed and constructed by Anat and Ilan Berman. Each bike “does” something different; when you start pedaling the bike you set the mechanism in motion. Some There are drums attached, which pound when the rider cycles; others play music from a gramophone; some have a desk lamp which lights up and sways gently from side to side; still others have speedometers and fans. It is a great fun!

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Divertimento #9: Marine Life

I think that Australia is my most favorite trip. This place is like a Paradise. Definitely must see destination! Australia’s landscapes are incredibly diverse. They include a wide variety of habitats for its wildlife, including tropical rainforests, deserts, rivers, mountain ranges and of course marine environments which has been inspiration for this painting.

9_Divertimento_FRAMED_R   turtle

The Great Barrier Reef is the breathtaking beauty. It is the largest coral reef ecosystem on earth – stretches for more than 1200 miles along the Queensland coastline. Luckily for me it is also one of the world’s most accessible reefs. Since I wouldn’t scuba dive I enjoyed an excellent snorkeling. The pic is a courtesy of Tom Hall and his experience of “Great Barrier Reef Dive & Snorkel – Port Douglas Australia”

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Divertimento #8: Rainforest

It is obvious that I was so impressed and touched by the natural beauty of Costa Rica, that I created the whole series of paintings related to this amazing place. This Divertimento is one of them.

8_Divertimento_FRAMED_R   costa rica monkey

Costa Rica’s Tropical Rainforests are often referred to as “jewels of the earth.” They are home to two-thirds of all living animal and plant species on the planet. If you pay attention you will see animals hidden everywhere! Just like these White-Faced Capuchin Monkey.

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Fine Art by Alexandra News


Where can you see my art in March 2015


  • “Nature Show” at the Science Center, Norwell, March 3 – 29
  • “ICONS” at the Gallery X, New Bedford, March 11 – 29
  • “Annual Spring Show” at the Stove Gallery, Artists Group of Charlestown, March 13 – 22
  • “Irish Spring” at the Vault Gallery, Rockland – March 14 – April 30
  • “2015 ANNUAL WINTER JURIED SHOW” at Newton City Hall, February 11 – April 3
  • “Annual Spring Show” at the Gallery 4th Gallery, Rockland – March 14 – April 30


  • “Bonnar Show” at Newton Art Center – ends March 15th
  • “Kaleidoscope” at U-Forge Gallery, Jamaica Plain – ends March 2nd
  • “Amore” at the Gallery X, New Bedford – ends March 2nd
  • “WINTER ART SHOW” at Plymouth Arts Center – ends March 29th
  • “Focus on Figures 2015” at Marshfield – Closing on May 3rd


  • “Solo Show” at the Starbucks in Hingham, Derby Street – May 1 – May 31
  • Spring 2015 Open Studios weekend – April 11 & 12
  • “Abstract Reasoning” at Stove Gallery, Charlestown – May 1 – May 10
  •  “Whims of Weather” at National Arts Club, New York – May 18 – May 30
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